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Coaching with Vikki Coombes

Take control of your life. Pursue all your interests wherever they lead you. Be your version of successful.

Imagine …

Deeply Knowing You, Really Being You

Truly caring about you because you really are knowing your SELF.

Allowing your self to embrace all your ever-changing varied interests.

Becoming authentically you in all environments.

Making a meaningful difference as you choose.

Creating Your Financial Freedom

Living a life style you truly desire.

Discovering a variety of different ways to generate income.

Choosing how you will weave your multiple interests together to be a life you love.

Planning and beginning implementation of your own financial freedom.

Truly Connecting as You with Others

Feeling that you belong through the quality of your relationships.

Choosing how you interact with important family and friends.

Building a flexible community with like-minded people.

Appreciating mutual benefits gained through your connections with others.

Courageously Making Your Difference

Impacting your community in a way that matters deeply to you.

Making decisions for action based on your own internal drivers for change.

Building upon who you are, your financial options and your connections to deliver a positive sustainable difference.

Cross-pollinating through all your experiences to bring new life to others.

Vikki is creating ‘Time to do it All’ … a programme just for you!

Wondering how you’ll ever be able to weave together a life you love from all your multiple passions? Deeply need to take control of who YOU are in the midst of your ever-changing interests? Want to feel that you are making a difference? Wondering how to be successful in a way that works for you? Wishing you had a truly connected group of friends?

I get it. And through decades of my own life experience and study I have worked out how to guide you on your own journey of discovery so that what took me 20 years will take you 12 weeks!

Let me know you’re interested and I’ll let you know as soon as I’m ready for launch … I have fingers crossed for Q1 2018!

Driven by your curiosity, how many interests do you have?

There are many people globally who have ever-changing varied interests. You know, the people who are frequently changing jobs, flitting from one hobby to another, starting projects and then dropping them, moving home often, leaping into new learning opportunities.  And perhaps you are one of these people?  I am!  And I call us ‘Hummingbirds‘.  Other terms you may have come across include – ‘multipotentialite’, ‘scanner’, ‘renaissance soul’, ‘human venn diagrams’, ‘da vinci divas’ or ‘generalist’.

Still wondering about yourself?  How true are these statements to your deepest self?

  • I follow my curiosity wherever it leads me
  • I have experienced many different jobs, experiences, friends, homes, places in my life so far
  • I have studied lots of different subjects both formally and informally
  • I am constantly flying from one option to another searching for something new to sustain me
  • My stomach drops when someone tells me I need to ‘choose just one thing and settle down’
  • I am truly disappointed when my latest ‘passion’ turns out to be anything but ‘THE ONE’


Accepting this knowledge about your SELF means you are ready to:

Value who YOU are as a Hummingbird!

Have a diverse AND successful career.

Have great relationships AND wide-ranging ever-changing interests.

Have a fulfilling AND meaningful life.

What a relief to know that there are like-minded people! And now you want to learn more, embrace your SELF and transform your life because you know this about your self. And you are wondering where to start and how to do this.

That is why I am creating this online group coaching programme just for you! Because I have spent 20+ years of my life working this all out the hard way and want to help you fast track your own journey.

Vikki Coombes – who am I?

I live a life of constant curiosity, always on the move, growing and pushing my boundaries. I love diving in and learning all about something new that has captured my interest. And I love sharing that journey with others. I am driven to partner with people so that they are empowered to live their lives to the fullest … whatever that means to them.

As a New Zealander who has lived in the United Kingdom for more than 16 years I am constantly evolving my own becoming by challenging the status quo. And I know that personal transformation that leads to an amazing wonder-filled life is possible. Because I have been through the process numerous times and believe that I will again.

I am the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Hummingbirds’ – mostly because I love tiaras and wings – AND also so far in my life I have:

  • Lived in 11 urban centres in 3 countries
  • Studied at 7 schools and 2 universities
  • Formally learnt through 2 degrees and 8 professional qualifications
  • Experienced 20 jobs across 5 careers
  • Travelled within 45 countries
  • Pursued multitudes of ever-changing interests.

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My clients say …

Through her coaching Vikki really helped me reframe a difficult work situation which I was very grateful for. How that changed the way I view that situation and respond to it has lasted. She also gave me tools and techniques and different views that I could apply to various situations across my life. Vikki’s coaching felt very holistic. I felt she was open to working with me during our live sessions, on whatever was on top for me that day – which I appreciated. Whether it be work or personal, an analytical detailed piece or more big picture and philosophical. Vikki is a very good listener and encourages reflection. I really like her mix of analytical and creative and how she weaves both sides together in herself and in the tools she brings to meet me where I am at to support my personal transformation. I benefited immensely from my coaching programme with Vikki.



Shae Ronald

Business Systems & Development, New Zealand

My coaching experience was reassuring and at the same time moved me to find resolutions for what was keeping me back. It also helped to see how Vikki, a “real” person, has lived through certain situations and has gotten beyond them, and through coaching is sharing the tools that even now help her.  Seeing that, it seems easier to get myself on track. Vikki provided a new perspective and alternatives when I was closed to my own vision. I believe that there is always value when a qualified professional is empathetic to the challenges I face, and can open my mind beyond those challenges to find solutions.  Also, Vikki never let me feel defeated… she helped me to discover the tools I already have available to achieve my own success.






Entrepreneur, Republic de Panama

I attended a workshop with Vikki (video testimony above) and commissioned a series of 1-2-1 coaching sessions. Her coaching helped and empowered me to create a reality which fits in with my hummingbird tendencies. When I started coaching with Vikki last winter, I was doing full time childcare and feeling like this wasn’t exactly what I needed anymore. This week, all the pieces of my jigsaw are coming together:

– my son is in part-time childcare
– I finished training to become a volunteer for Home-Start
– I have found a collaborative and interesting position with a start-up ran by a strong determined woman.
– I start a Transformational Coaching course with Animas tomorrow.

As of tomorrow, I will have 4 jobs and I am so excited! A BIG THANK YOU!


Iridescent Hummingbird, UK